This is about a video about COMMITMENT –

I have 2 cents about it that I wish to share. The video hits really hard because it pits ego against commitment. Ego will always drive you to pleasure and self-preservation – both of whom don’t hold any negative connotation until they are abused.

To bring my observations into perspective, these are few messages I’ve been receiving from the universe lately – that I have to stop running into the doors that I’ve left behind just for pleasure or the ease of achieving things. I discussed the video with a friend too and after we put our heads together into the meaning of that video, here’s what I came up with –

That there can be 2 types of commitments – to the present and to the future.

Commitment to the future is something that requires an energy exchange, in that, the commitment is towards a goal and if there is a goal, there is a sense of achievement and the ensuing sense of being rewarded too – basically we treat commitment as another person from whom we expect a barter for your commitment.

Commitment to the present though cannot possibly come from sense of being rewarded later and hence, comes with no added burden of anxiety and expectation. It comes from a sense of love, a feeling that simply makes you ACT.

Both types of commitments bring you joy but the joy from the commitment to the future will remain short lived while the joy from the commitment to the present persists and prevails.

I think I’ll write more about it when I think more about it but till then, please let me know how you feel about the video and its message.

Welcome to SamSpills

Welcome to SamSpills! As with most blogs, the pertinent questions are –

WhoWhyWhatHow and Where.

Let me lay out my interpretations of these questions –

Who am I?

Please call me Aura. I do have a proper real world male name but truthfully, it doesn’t complete me all by itself. Let’s, for the cause of this blog, call my other self Sam. As has been psychologically ascertained, I see and feel myself as 2 persons, 2 genders, 2 minds with 2 very distinct identities in 1 body and I’m learning to live with both of them.

Why am I writing?

Because writing is one of the 3 most fool proof ways to paint a picture. The other 2 ways are creating music and painting itself. I intend to showcase my words lucidly. Everyone is entitled to their opinion/s and please take it from me – all opinions about any subject are welcome! This space will welcome any ideas and I’m willing to work in partnerships in case any one is interested. Please look up my email ID from the contacts page.

What is the intention of this blog?

I intend to make this blog a haven for people who feel they have lost their voice. I intend to hear from you, learn from you, grow with you, and heal both myself and You! I wish to transcend the boundaries of thoughts and create a place of unbiased projections where all feelings and thoughts are welcomed with open hearts and loving humor. The subjects in this blog will cover many areas and I wish for everyone to at least think, and in some cases even research, about the posts after you’ve read them. I wish to raise awareness, humility, compassion and above all love for each other and Mother Earth with all her beings and glory.

How did I get the idea for this blog?

The idea had always been there. This isn’t new to me but it feels I’m re-birthing. I’m reborn every time I break my mold in one form or the other. It is then that every cell of my body celebrates. And I wish to share my happiness with you in words using images that may not belong to me. Please note that the images I use on this blog would have come using searches on any search engine and if any one of you finds that the said image belongs to you, please let me know. I’ll be happy to take down the said image and will also apologize to you, privately. This blog will also use a lot of I’s mostly because this is my private journey and English language mandates us to use I, when we ourselves are the respective subjects.

Where do I see this blog in a year?

This blog is all about flow, this blog is about being in the Aura. The masculine and the feminine. The zero and one. And it starts from zero today. There is only one way for this blog from here and that way is Up. I’d rather enjoy the ride than fret about the destination. I won’t be bullied by the dream that is a destination. I wish to enjoy each moment and this is to be a haven, with You, for You, and simply to cherish Your company. You and I will drive this blog with our love and Your guidance. Help it grow. Please!